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Durable solutions equals happy customers


About Budweg

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We collect happy customers. We do not want to make do with you being ‘satisfied’ or ‘ok’. That is a lukewarm feeling. We want you to be happy. Happy about the service we provide. You should feel the joy of passing on good quality to the next link in the chain. And experience the deep satisfaction of knowing that it cannot be done any better than what you just did.

At Budweg, we go the extra mile to do things a little better than strictly necessary. The core of our business is remanufacturing of calipers. We take original calipers, clean them, disassemble them and rebuild them to a new standard which is equivalent to that of the originals. All moveable wearing parts are replaced with new ones. The calipers are surface treated to protect against corrosion (and so that they look good).

We use brass bushings because brass is more durable than the alternatives. For the same reason, all pistons are hard chrome-plated. And the gliding system is Teflon-finished to lessen friction.

These quality requirements also apply to our newly manufactured calipers.

Why? Because brake calipers are all about safety. And we do not compromise on safety.

This also means that we are not the cheapest option in the market. You can take pleasure in that. Because if you want to sell quality products, using Budweg will ensure that you achieve a greater turnover and greater earnings per unit.

Even our manufacturing process is sustainable. Less than one-fifth of the energy required to manufacture a new caliper is used in refurbishing a caliper. And in our manufacturing, we reuse water in the cleaning process in a closed washing system. Maybe you do not think too much about the environment where brake calipers are concerned. But you can take pleasure in knowing that we do.

We are specialists

As a customer, you like to do business with specialists. We are specialists. To our fingertips. We only work with calipers. While others may know a little about a lot, we know everything about a little. And this approach to the world is what you meet when you contact us. Our expertise is so pronounced that we supply spare parts to our direct competitors.

Covering 98% of the market

Apart from our specialist knowledge, you may also rejoice about the fact that we cover more than 98% of the European car population. We supply more than 4,500 different calipers and will be truly pleased to help you move on in brake calipers.

We go the extra mile for you. You deserve no less. This is our attitude to life:



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