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20. May. 2020

New CEO at Budweg Caliper

20. May. 2020 - News

New CEO at Budweg

The two brothers Jan Uwe Larsen and Thomas E. Larsen have always wanted the best possible future for Budweg, which their father founded back in 1978 – even when the brothers themselves will no longer be part of the everyday life at the office. In 2018, they therefore made the private equity fund Capidea the majority shareholder, while Jan Uwe Larsen and Thomas E. Larsen continued the daily management of the company.

Thomas E. Larsen has now reached the next phase of the long-termed plan, and on May 18th 2020 he handed over the position as CEO to Christer Mysling. Thomas E. Larsen will instead take over the management of Sales and Marketing, with which he has prior experience. Thus, there will continuously be a close cooperation between Christer Mysling and Thomas E. Larsen, as Christer Mysling will be navigating Budweg safely into the future.

“It is important for us to know, that Budweg will continue to develop as the leading company Budweg is today and with Christer Mysling leading the way, I have no doubt that the company will be managed steadily”, Thomas E. Larsen says and continues: “ There is no doubt, Christer is a very skilled and competent person and I therefore feel very confident placing him behind the wheel.

As the former Financial Director at Budweg, Christer Mysling knows the company well. Furthermore, Thomas E. Larsen will continue his membership at the Board of Directors as well as his ownership,and Jan Uwe Larsen will continue in Management along with Christer Mysling. “I am honored to be selected as the new CEO and I am grateful for the trust in me” Christer Mysling states and continues: “I am looking forward to getting more familiar with the production and being able to consult relevant employees directly, when new ideas and initiatives are to be implemented”.

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