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We do everything better than what is strictly necessary

This applies to both our products and our service. Because brake calipers are all about safety. And we do not compromise on safety


Durable solutions lead to happy customers

We have always collected happy customers and always will. That is our goal. You should be happy with the service you receive over the telephone. You should feel the joy of passing on good quality to the next link in the chain supplying the consumer. Experience the deep satisfaction of knowing that it cannot be done much better than you just did. Enjoy the knowledge that when you choose Budweg, you will have more happy customers – who will recommend you to more customers – and, thus, actively help you improve your business.
Did you know that
Budweg has Europe’s most modern production plant for remanufacturing of brake calipers


The company

Founded on solid core values

We have one of Europe’s newest and most modern production plants, but our business is firmly rooted. For more than 40 years, we have cultivated quality and developed unique skills in our field. We are specialists. We manufacture brake calipers to a quality which often surpasses the OE level. We do not do anything else. This also means that when you, the customer, call us, you speak with a specialist. You receive answers to your questions and are quickly able to move on

This timeline shows our approach throughout the history of our company
  • 1978
  • 1999
  • 2007
  • 2012 – 2014
  • 2015 – 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019

Budweg was founded by Henning Larsen. From 1980 onwards, we took on the role as pioneers in the remanufacturing of brake calipers

After the death of the founder Henning Larsen, his sons took over the company

Budweg established its own subsidiary, Hanil, in South Korea with a 2,000 m2 production plant. Here, new castings and calipers are manufactured for the European market

– Budweg inaugurated a new factory in Odense, Denmark and, thus, had 10,000 m2 under one roof.
– The surface treatment process was in-sourced.
– A semi-automatic assembly line for handbrake calipers was established.
– SLBC – a joint venture between Budweg and Shandong Longji Machinery was established in China.

The manufacturing plant in Denmark was extended by 6,600 m2 with semi-automatic packing lines. This increased the production area in Denmark to 16,600 m2

The two Larsen brothers sold the majority shareholding in the company to Capidea – a Danish private equity consortium which focuses on long-term investments in competitive medium-sized companies.
The management team was strengthened by the appointment of a new CCO and CFO

Today, Budweg is one of very few manufacturers in Europe which remanufacture brake calipers, has a production of new calipers in Asia and its own engineering of components to improve quality and increase durability

Do you mind that we save on energy?

Only 20 % of the energy it takes to produce a caliper is required to remanufacture one.

The core of our business is the remanufacturing of calipers. We take the originals, clean them, disassemble them and rebuild them to a new standard which, as a minimum, is equivalent to the OE-quality.

This is a sustainable manufacturing process. Only about one-fifth of the energy spent on manufacturing a new caliper is required for remanufacturing one. In our remanufacturing, we reuse water in the cleaning process in a closed washing system.
Where you might not think about the environment when brake calipers are concerned, you can take pleasure in knowing that we do.

We know what we are talking about
We are specialists to our fingertips. We only work with brake calipers. While others may know a little about a lot, we know everything about a little. We see ourselves somewhat as the multitool of the caliper trade: Regardless of the challenge you face relating to brake calipers, we have a solution. When you call us, you speak with a specialist. This means that the journey from challenge to solution is short.

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