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Remanufactured and newly manufactured brake calipers from Budweg

  • With a claims rate below 0.3%
  • A wide range of more than 4200 caliper models and 2400 repair kits available
  • Express international delivery
  • Extensive technical support both online and offline
  • Environmentally friendly remanufacturing process

Remanufactured and newly manufactured brake calipers

At Budweg Caliper, we are caliper specialists, and we have been remanufacturing and supplying the automotive aftermarket with brake calipers for more than 40 years. Brake calipers from Budweg are of a similar quality to OE-parts, and we continuously strive towards the highest product quality, extending our vast selection of calipers that covers more than 98% of the European car fleet, and of course offering our customers an unmatched level of support.
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